The field of Professional Employment is so diverse that it includes day workers or TEMPS, hired for one day to clean up a job site, through all levels and job skills to include an Executive Search firm contracted to identify the next CEO of a Fortune Corporation.

We have recruited people Nationally and have placed Engineers and Sales Professionals with 2 years experience and every skill level to include Vice President. We network with our clients to find ACTIVE open positions that they have contracted to utilize our services to fill.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business. We do not send any candidate information to a Client until they have agreed that they have an interest and are fit for the opportunity.

Charles Rein Associates have been in Technical Management recruiting for 30 years, we network with professionals through groups, trade associations, alumni associations and Social Media and get recommended to ACTIVE and PASSIVE candidates. I am a power networker on LinkedIn with 30,000 connections and 50 groups.

We are also a Member of the TOP ECHELON NETWORK. The network is for Professional Recruiters and a benefit to Candidates is the active listing of over 2500+ positions.

When you apply at Charles Rein Associates, you decide how active and visible or passive you want your information and profile.

Today a Career with one company employer is rare.

My professional experience with most people is that they graduate college and get their first job and don’t know the top 25 competitors in their Industry.

We believe in PERSONAL CAREER BRANDING, and while your company pays for your skills 8 hours a day, it is your responsibility to plan your life and build a professional business network with people and recruiters in your career disciplines. What you know keeps you working, who you know advances your career.

We can’t help your career if we don’t know you, so let’s connect.

Don’t Wait! It is always better to find a job when you have a job!